Day 3 – No More Talk of Marking. Forget These Wide-Eyed Fears, I’m Here.

Marking is definitely taking a toll. Brain dying. Eyes burning. So many denotations, connotations, mythologies, ideologies and discourses going ’round and ’round in my brain.

Let’s think of something else…

Basically me when I got home tonight

Basically me when I got home tonight

Nope. I got nothing. Oh well, just a few left tomorrow. I think I’ll use this exhaustion as an opportunity to go to sleep early for once.

Also this weather is killing me. It’s like living in a universe constructed by The Smiths. I just want the sun to come back. So please, please, please, let me, let me, let me, get what I want this time…

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Listened to the *NSYNC/Bieber ‘Girlfriend’/’Boyfriend’ mashup in the office with CH. My jam.
  • Snapchatted MT various lip-syncing videos. I had to respond to his ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ video in order to show him that he was doing it wrong. If you’re gonna do Drake hands, you gotta do it well.
  • Seriously, I worked really hard today. I have nothing else to confess.

Random royal pop lyrics of the day:

All of these things people told me
Keep messing with my head
Should’ve picked honesty
Then you may not have blown it

Justin Timberlake


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