Day 14 – You Better Work (On Your Thesis)

I tried to quit my other job today because I really need to focus on my thesis and it’s getting to be way too exhausting. Blacking out is not fun. I unfortunately made the mistake of trying to say goodbye to my favourite student instead of doing a runner like a dead-beat parent. Apparently, I can’t, so now I still work Wednesdays. I am so weak. I always considered myself somewhat of a cold-hearted person but apparently I do not hate all children. Just the really annoying ones.

My thoughts on most children

My thoughts on most children

Wednesday is a super awkward day for me anyway because by the time I get to uni, I only have an hour or so left before I go to my tutorial and by the time I fall back into a study pattern, it’s already quite late. Hopefully once the new tutor for the other place arrives I can stop completely… or maybe I’ll luck out and working only one shift a week will end up being completely reasonable. I’d love to see my favourite student finish the programme since he and I actually started almost at the same time. Once he’s done though, I’m done too.

We out.

We out.

I took home my books today and I’ve started working on the research questions. Aaargh. Trying to frame the research shouldn’t feel this stressful but somehow it still is. After this, hopefully it’ll help me answer what gap my research will be filling. Apparently, “Lol, phrasing” is not a good enough answer. Avi Santo, give me strength.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Pointless Facebook insult exchange with CH. Kudos on the office portrait 😉
  • Had a panic attack on the bus because it was taking its sweet freaking time getting to work. Thanks for the migraine before tutoring even starts.
  • Watched I Know What You Did Last Summer in bed. Teen slashers are freakishly calming for me.

Random “Yeah, That’s A Healthy Relationship…” Lyrics:

You’re hangin’ round, baby
With Jean and Joan and-a who knows who
I’m gettin’ tried of waitin’ and foolin’ around
I’ll find somebody who won’t make me feel like a clown
This can’t go on, Lord knows you got to change, baby



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