Day 24 – Get Into The Groove, Girl You’ve Got To Prove Your Love For TV

Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life

I had an eye exam today. I really hate eye exams because there has only been one time in my life when it didn’t result in my  needing to buy new glasses. Today however, I found out that one of my eyes doesn’t like to do as much work as the other eye. The optometrist didn’t call it a lazy eye but what else could that mean? Is ‘lazy eye’ a very specific term that doesn’t apply to the poor work ethic of my left eye? It’s kind of ironic to find out that your eye is an underachiever less than a month after you start your Master’s. The optometrist seemed pretty unconcerned and it wasn’t until I asked her what I could do to whip my eye into shape that she said, “You could do exercises or, if you want, you can wear an eyepatch for an hour a day.” My response was, “Arrrr, matey!”

She did not comment.


Monica almost landed Michael Vartan with her eyepatch. I am therefore pro-eyepatch.

Monica almost landed Michael Vartan with her eyepatch. I am therefore pro-eyepatch.

The difference between the two eyes is pretty big. I think she said something like it was three times worse than the other eye. I may have just made up that number because I wasn’t paying attention to the specifics. Perhaps this means I also have a lazy ear.

On the bright side I ate sushi while drinking a latte today. All those days that I forgot to have breakfast but arrived around 11am have apparently created quite the refined palette. I am now the ultimate Wellingtonian.


Basically my mug now

Basically my mug now

In terms of thesis stuff, I almost abandoned it to go to Mighty Mighty’s final night. I told SH that I would work for 30 minutes before I ultimately decide if I want to go. The 30 minutes turned into 6 hours of Literature Review planning and organising so I had a pretty productive evening. Sorry Mighty Mighty. I hope you had a good sendoff.

It was totally worth missing though. I ended up finding out some really interesting things about my thesis. I’m quite convinced that the innovations of high-end drama serials are trickling down to less prestigious programmes. Genres that were once very basic and straightforward are slowly evolving to include some interesting narrative elements that I can’t wait to explore. Bring on Sunday!

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Finished watching Suburgatory. So happy Ryan is back but sucks that this show got cancelled 😦  Violent Femmes though… wow. Unexpected.

    Yay, Parker Young!

    Yay, Parker Young!

  • Cleaned half my room. I started off procrastinating by deciding my room was far too messy to allow me to focus. Then I got really bored of cleaning and decided my thesis was a better option. I essentially procrastinated on my procrastination. I have come full circle. I think this now qualifies me for a Master’s in Procrastination. Hell, PhD me, baby. That’s some serious procrastination there.
  • Shazamed Billy Idol. Phrasing, boom.

Random “Thanks The Mindy Project” lyrics:

Put on my pj’s and hop into bed 
I’m half alive but I feel mostly dead 
I try and tell myself it’ll be all right 
I just shouldn’t think anymore tonight ’cause

Dreams last so long, even after you’re gone 
I know that you love me 
And soon you will see, you were meant for me 
And I was meant for you 

– Jewel/Cliff


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