Day 25 – Enough Is Enough Is Enough

I finally finished my proposal! Tomorrow, I’ll give it a final glance over and edit then I can give it to my supervisor to be checked before I send it off on Friday. Yay!!

Now I’m back to marking essays.

There's an end?

There’s an end?

I really have nothing more to say. I’ve had enough writing today.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Brunch with SH. Brunch is basically the best thing ever

    I mean, right?

    I mean, right?

  • Started watching Gravity Falls. Hooray for more procrastination techniques.
  • Debated with myself about whether or not I should start Twin Peaks from the beginning. I can’t watch that show alone but I need it for my thesis. Aaargh. What to do, what to do?

    You said it, Dale.

    You said it, Dale.

Random “I should eat something” lyrics:

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should’ve started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I’d doubt you,
I’m better off without you
More than you, more than you know.



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