Day 42 – Who Run the World? Girls (With Dragons)!

I am getting too into Game of Thrones. I may have resisted it for years but now I can’t stop watching. The women in this show are just so great. If I had known just how many awesome female characters there were in this show, I would have been watching a lot sooner.

My hero

My hero

I spent all night watching season two and when I woke up, the first thing I did was keep watching. I am now halfway through season three. At this rate, I’ll be watching the season four finale with the people who have been fans since it began.

I have to make sure I go to uni tomorrow otherwise I’ll just stay in bed forever. Not showering and living off ready salted chips and Ribena.


Narrative complexity is clearly my heroin. I’ve lost control over my life.

On the bright side, I’m gonna be well-equipped with relevant TV references for tutorials next trimester. Now that I know what the young people are watching.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Watched most of season 3 of Game of Thrones. Duh and/or hello.
  • Changed my mind about dragons. I always thought they were kind of ‘meh’ as magical creatures but I totally get it now.
  • Took a Game of Thrones character quiz. This happened:


    Though I’ve been told by other people that I’m actually a Sansa. Since Sansa is essentially just the younger version of Cersei, perhaps there’s something to this.

Random lyrics that were stuck in my head while watching Game of Thrones:

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes 
I’m exposed 
And it’s no big surprise 
Don’t you think I know 
Exactly where I stand 
This world is forcing me 
To hold your hand

‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ‘ol me 
Don’t let me out of your sight 
I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite 
So don’t let me have any rights 

Oh…I’ve had it up to here! 

– No Doubt



    1. Oh, I definitely started from the beginning. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it because I’m not usually into fantasy but so far it’s been great. I’ll keep an eye out for the tell!

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