Day 59 – Let’s Go, Don’t Wait, This Night’s Almost Over

Cheat entry…and I’m not even sorry.

So, I had a pretty good day today.

A better writer would express their emotion by using words to paint a vivid picture for their reader. I am going to use memes.







I think that sums it up pretty well.

Things I did instead of working:

  • Picked up my keyboard from the repair place #betterweekendstories
  • Had coffee out in the sun with C on a lovely winter’s afternoon. Wellington be cray.
  • Had drinks with A and AMcL 🙂

Random JB and AGaTrois lyrics: 

I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat
Everybody look at me
‘Cause I’m sailing on a boat
I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat
Take a good hard look
At the motherfucking boat

– The Lonely Island


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