About Me


You can call me AGaTrois because I’m scared you’ll stalk me and kill me. I like TV, New Media, long walks along the waterfront at night so that you can see the city lights reflected in the water and drinking L & P.

I started this blog while I was writing my Master’s. Now that I’m done, I’m caught between a PhD and a hard place. Although the option to become a TV doctor (If I get a PhD, I’m definitely calling myself that) is there and I have a topic in mind, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to undertake another three years of study. So for now, I’ve got myself a job. I’ve moved away from the hipsterland I once called home and have settled in to a brand new, totally legit, big-ass city.


Fake it ’til you make it, baby.

I am also completely terrified. With a side order of lonely.

Being away from my family and the friends that I grew up with is every bit as hard as you could possibly imagine. I also have the added stress of diving head-first into an industry that I have only observed from a distance. I’m not exactly feeling great, but I’m doing fine.

I’m hoping that by continuing this blog, I can reach people who are just like me – people who are leaving university life and entering the real world armed with nothing but a smile and a gigantic student loan.

We managed to conquer postgrad so we’ve totally got this…



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