Day 46 – I Go Around A Time or Two, Just to Waste Bus Fares on You


Went to uni today (A SUNDAY!) so that I can get a little bit of work done.


But you should have seen me photocopying. I photocopied the crap out of that HBO book. There is nothing more satisfying that using the photocopier when you have no desire to actually do your own work.

I also managed to do a little photography. And by that I mean I took pictures of the walls and countless selfies. So here’s a little tour of our office (well, my part anyway):

2014-06-15 14.58.32

This is my desk. My little corner of the academic world. Doesn’t it look legit? I have my folders of different colours, my headphones, my noticeboard, my ‘Craft of Research’ book and a coffee mug. Because you’re not a real postgrad unless you’ve got a caffeine addiction.

Look at me, making GoT references like I've been watching this whole time.

Look at me, making GoT references like I’ve been watching this whole time.

Here’s a closer look at my notice board. I’ve finally officially moved into this corner so my TV crap is no longer just a red itchy bite on BL’s confessional noticeboard. It’s a full blown rash.

2014-06-15 14.57.45

There’s the people I am fond of  in the upper left corner with my sleep mask and the modern day love story CH wrote for me in the bottom left corner. The rest of this is my thesis in visual form from the network, to the programmes to the Twitter fans. If only my thoughts were as organised as this noticeboard.

2014-06-15 14.58.14This is something I bought on Friday. I thought I need a little visual reminder of what I hope to accomplish after this thesis. It’s just a replica of the one you can find in New York City and hopefully, looking at it every day will inspire me to keep going.

Every day is one less day to wait for my one true love!

2014-06-15 15.00.13Of course, waiting for your true love is exhausting work. So here’s my blanket and pillow to see me through the cold, depressing, academic days. One day, I’ll have all of New York City to comfort me during the lonely nights.

Ew, wait, no…

2014-06-15 15.00.39

I can thank CH for this little bit of office art. During the inevitable dark hours, I can now always just look up at the wall, see the wise words of the Biebs and be inspired.

Oh, Anderson. What's it all about?

Oh, Anderson. What’s it all about?

I also have the smiling faces of Anderson Cooper and a random dog to shine down on me when I feel like all is lost. Stay with me, AC. Keep me honest.

Speaking of office art, here are some random censored selfies I took with some of the posters on our wall:


Just Katniss holding me hostage


My intimate Marky Mark moment

As you can see, I had an extremely productive day.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Well, the above captures the day pretty well. In all honesty, I think I’m actually coming down with something. I’ve had the shakes, a headache and a sore throat all day. I really hate it when seasons change. Going in to uni was probably a terrible idea.
  • Got schooled on football. Apparently it’s important I know the rules.
  • No more Game of Thrones for me! At least not until tomorrow. I finished all the old episodes last night and screamed during the trial by combat. Disturbing.
  • I will probably watch a football game before bed. I’m doing my homework, MT. So calm the crap down.

Random “I keep losing my friends to Brooklyn” lyrics:

She was covered in leather and gold
21 years old
I lost her in the cold
It’s unfair she’s out there
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn
She’s somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn

On the street kicking rocks
Circling the same block
Green point to Flatbush
Checking every corner shop
Tapping people’s shoulders
Asking if they know her
Everyday’s the same
It’s back to the train

Oh, oh next stop Brooklyn
Oh, oh, I’m still looking

– Bruno Mars