Dawson’s Creek

Day 38 – Oh, Sad Movies Always Make Teenagers Cry


This morning was basically like this:

Tina Belcher. My spirit animal.

Tina Belcher. My spirit animal.

Then I had half a wedge of camembert for lunch. Which was okay.

Postgrad life is killing me. Not softly with a song, like Roberta Flack. Killing me aggressively with ups and downs of stress and work. The days after you finish a big deadline aren’t even breaks or celebrations. They’re just a chance to reload.

I love it.

Bring it, baby.

Bring it, baby.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Stayed in bed until 12pm. I had every intention of doing a bed rest day, eating my cheese and crackers and listening to my podcast.
  • Got a random message from JK who I barely talk to during the weekend because we generally just talk via ESP. Because we’re awkward as crap, we took forever to actually get around to saying, “Oh hey, did you maybe wanna hang out today?”. We got there eventually.
  • Hell yes, Wendy’s and The Fault In Our Stars! Well, mostly the Wendy’s thing. The movie was okay and also quite sad but super cheesy. Some of the lines were just hysterical simply because there’s no way in hell teenagers are that poetic and articulate, especially when they speak to someone they’ve only just started dating. That corny crap is usually reserved for people you’ve dated for awhile, mostly because they love you too much to leave you for saying vomity things.
    In real life: "I don't really wanna kiss you because you were an asshole to me."

    In real life: “I don’t wanna kiss you because you’re a dick.”

    Although, the best part about the movie was the amount of people willing to ugly cry in the dark, despite the fact that they are surrounded by hundreds of people. I’ve been known to cry during a movie. It’s just something that I do. But kids, if you can, try to save your tears for a slightly better story. This movie doesn’t even begin to show how epic an epic movie romance can be.

  • You crazy kids with your epic love stories

    Like Noah and Allie, whose love could do anything

    Basically any Rachel McAdams movie is acceptable

    Basically any Rachel McAdams movie is acceptable for ugly crying…

    And basically the first 10 minutes of this movie, unless you're a monster.

    …and the first 10 minutes of this movie, unless you’re a heartless monster.

Random lyrics from 18 year old me:

Why be sad broken hearted?
There’s so much to do
Life is hard or it’s a party
The choice is up to you

With a new attitude everything can change
Make it how you want it to be
Stay sad, why do that? Give yourself a break
I know you want to party with me

Hannah Montana


Day 7 – I’m Coming Up (to Uni), So You Better Get This Thesis Started

I’m about to dive head first into my MA responsibilities tomorrow so I decided to try to recover from marking by buying somewhat unnecessary things for my desk. I’m so excited to finally have an answer to, “What are you up to these days?” Answering with, “Oh, I’m doing my Master’s” will no longer technically be a lie.

Dawson’s Creek readings, I’m coming for you.

Basically me these days

Basically me these days


My purchases today include:

  • Matching bowl, saucer and mug. Let’s not even pretend I’m not going to be living off instant noodles this year. Shout out to Indo Mie, the unofficial sponsor of my thesis.
  • A cookie box. Because I can’t have stale cookies, that’s just messed up.
  • A pretty handtowel… why not?
  • A snuggly blanket and pillow for when I’m curled up on the floor with John Ellis.

So the office is pretty much all set up. I have even started to develop somewhat of a caffeine habit, along with the rediscovery of my love for the word ‘problematic’. That’s all you need for a successful media thesis anyway, right?

Things I did instead of working:

  • Spent a significant amount of time trying to find the full song of the “love is just a game” part of the ‘Elephant Love Medley‘ and ultimately got distracted by another awesome song called ‘Love’s A Game’.
  • Accidentally slept on the bus on the way to my other tutoring job while I was trying to research. Seriously, my schedule is killing me.

    This also happened on the bus. I can't drive either, buddy. Let's just leave it to those who know how.

    This also happened on the bus. I can’t drive either, buddy. Let’s just leave it to those who know how.

  • Had a long and detailed discussion with JB and SH about contemporary sex scenes in film and television. What is the distinction between pornography and HBO?
  • Felt heartbroken when I saw my favourite student’s sad face when I told him I wasn’t going to be his tutor anymore. I’ll miss you too, my talented little Angelface.
  • Photoshopped BL’s head on Don Brash’s shirtless body. Be careful what you joke about…
  • Talked to  JFtD on Facebook. I used your chosen nickname. Are you happy now, procrastination enabler?

Random “Totally just found out this awesome song existed” lyrics:

Oh maybe I think, maybe I don’t, maybe I will, maybe I won’t 
Find my way this time, I hear you calling me soon
One of these days , somebody stays and somebody pays
It happens all the time
I’ll be leaving, believing you wanted me to

Maybe I’m a fool
For walking in line
Maybe I should try to lead this time
I’m an honest mistake that you make
Did you mean to?

The Magic Numbers