peeta is better than gale

Day 0 – It’s Gonna Be May



Today marks the first (possibly last, let’s be honest) time I write in this postgrad blog. Starting from tomorrow, I have exactly 365 days to churn out a thesis about television. Justin Timberlake’s manic face will serve as a reminder for this upcoming deadline and hopefully, terrify me into getting my work done.

I have now been given the key to the office I will share with CH and NW. While I intended to get some marking done (as I often promise myself when I wake up in the morning) I, of course, spent the day setting up all the social media I will require for my thesis. It’s totes relevant guys, I promise.

It is also the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls today so this morning I spent and hour or two looking for something pink to wear. It is Wednesday, after all. After putting on my tiered skirt and fuzzy pink jersey, I realised I pretty much look exactly like I usually do every other day of the week. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate my regular fashion decisions since I apparently still dress like a 14 year old from the mid-2000s.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, faceless Internet people. But only when I have nothing better to do than to sit here and talk about myself.

xoxox AGaTrois

Things I did instead of working:

  • Picked out movies I have no intention of watching from The Glass Room
  • Set up this blog and a new Twitter account because I was getting FOMO from all the Facebook people who use Twitter but not so bad that I want to link them to my other account.
  • Looked for inspirational photos of Henry Jenkins that I can sigh longingly at while I write about TV and New Media
  • Thought about how much better Peeta is for Katniss. He was the right choice.