Star Wars

Day 32 – (Thesis) Is the Word, Is the Word, That You Heard

Not much to report today. No thesis work.

Just a whole lotta marking goin’ on.

Things I did today instead of working:

  • Finished The Empire Strikes Back. Okay, that was pretty freaking amazing.

    Ah!! More! More! More!

    Ah!! More! More! More!

  • Thought about how Princess Leia is the best character ever. Seriously, she is the best part of Star Wars. Her badassery knows no bounds. Get it, girl.
  • After Star Wars, I moved on to Grease. From one strong female character to another, huh? Still though, can’t beat those songs.

    Fun Fact: From the ages of 9 – 11, I used to watch Grease every morning before school and every afternoon when I got home. I know that movie so freaking well, it’s sad.

    Love is a many splendored thing...

    Love is a many splendored thing…

Random sad lyrics I never understood as a kid:

I could hurt someone like me,
out of spite or jealousy
I don’t steal and I don’t lie,
but I can feel and I can cry
A fact I’ll bet you never knew
But to cry in front of you,
that’s the worst thing I could do



Day 31 – Everybody Makes Mistakes, Everybody Has Those Days

I had planned on doing so much today. Clean my room, mark some essays, do a little reading.

This is how my day really went/ Things I did instead of working:

2 am: Oh crap, I should probably start getting ready for bed. Just one more After Hours episode.

I don't care how tired you are. You pay attention when Soren is dressed as Captain Reynolds.

I don’t care how tired you are. You pay attention when Soren is dressed as Captain Reynolds.

7 am: Shut up, birds.

10 am: I should probably get up now… What the – Why am I still wearing my dress?? Did I really sleep with my phone on my face?

10:01 am: Oh cool, Facebook messages!

11 am: Sooo hungry. Too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. What to do, what to do…If I wait 30 minutes, I’m sure someone will make lunch.

11:45 am: I should watch something to pass the time. Maybe I’ll finally watch The Lord of the Rings…

11:46 am: Pfft.

11:47 am: It’s 11:47, hey! And I’m running out of- oh, wait that song is called 11:57

11:50 am: I should probably make sure people are home and are making lunch rather than just assuming.

12 pm: Ready salted chips could be considered lunch, right?

Let's do brunch

Let’s do brunch

12:03 pm: You know what would go really good with these chips? A movie. I should take this opportunity to finally watch a classic.

12:15 pm: Dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnn dun dun dun dun dunnnnn dun dun dun dun dun… Hell yes, I’ll finally know what Star Wars is about!!!!

12:30 pm: Luke Skywalker is kind of cute.

1 p m: Ooh lunch time.

1:15 pm: Princess Leia is the best thing in this freaking movie. More Leia!

2 pm: How is this movie still not over?

2:10 pm: Chewbacca DOESN’T get a medal???. That’s just bullshit.

Why did you even make him walk with them during the ceremony, you freaking speciesist? Rude!

Why did you even make him walk with them during the ceremony, you freaking speciesist? Rude!

4:28 pm: OMG, did I black out? How did I fall asleep again?

4:30 pm: Hmmmm too late for afternoon tea, too early for dinner. What to do, what to do…

4:35 pm: Yay, mail! Gonna read my Teen TV + Movies book, woooo!!



4:40 pm: Hahahahaha, “research”

5 pm: Ugh… I wasted the whole day 😦 Guess I should just watch more After Hours…

6:30 pm: Yay, dinner!

7 pm: I really want grapes

7:05 pm: Chocolate would be really good right now

7:15 pm: I really want to go to New World…but it’s so cold…

7:30 pm: YAY NEW WORLD!!! Buy ALL the grapes!

7:40 pm: Oh hells yes, camembert is on sale. Life is good.

My world is so small today

My world is so small today

8 pm: Got my camembert, my crackers, my grapes and my Ribena. Movie time, baby!

8:05 pm: Nananananananana Nananananananana BATMAN!!!!!! (or the Nolan version, whatever).

…Aaaaaaand that was my day.

Random new lyrics I learned today:

Fox in the snow, where do you go
To find something you can eat?
Cause the word out on the street is you are starving
Don’t let yourself grow hungry now
Don’t let yourself grow cold
Fox in the snow

– Belle & Sebastian